Aalto Accounting is a student-led organization for Aalto University Accounting students. The main goal of Aalto Accounting is to serve the interest of our three main stakeholders, the students, the Faculty of Accounting and our corporate partners. Below you can read more about our goals and activities with each main stakeholder.


We bring together accounting-interested students by organizing various types of events, formal and relaxed, throughout the year. In addition, we aim to produce interesting and relevant content to the students in our social media platforms. Our goal is to support our students find their desired careers, advance in their studies and create networks with other students and alumni.

The Faculty of Accounting

Our goal is to make sure that our students are heard in the Faculty of Accounting by communicating and giving feedback to the Faculty. We aim to improve accounting studies together with the Faculty. Also, our shared mission is to promote accounting major studies to the first year students.

Corporate relations

We connect the top accounting students of Aalto University with companies by publishing job advertisements and other relevant content on our channels (social media, mailing list), organizing corporate events and promoting career opportunities.