Combient Foundry – Venture Client Internship


Combient Foundry launched in 2018 with KONE and Stora Enso to speed up industrial-grade innovation by working with startups to create real value for all parties. Since then, we’ve expanded our alliance of like minded global brands to include Atlas Copco, Scania, Husqvarna Group, Autoliv, Munters, SKF and Epiroc. We work with some of the most capable startup founders on industry-pressing, even globally critical challenges, such as reducing waste and energy-consumption, and developing autonomous vehicles, robotics, and logistics solutions to build the next one hundred years of industries.

We are now looking for the brightest, entrepreneurial-minded students to join our exciting journey as Venture Client interns.

As a Venture Client intern, you’ll work at the intersection of ambitious startup founders and business development teams of leading industrial brands. You’ll get to learn the following:

[i] what the cutting-edge solutions in the world are and how the top-tier startups stand out in the crowd,

[ii] what industry-leading companies are looking to solve now and in the future, and

[iii] how large companies and startups work together to decrease time-to-market.

You will be responsible for designing and executing startup market analysis, analyzing startup deal flow, synthesizing startup scouting results, and participating in internal business development initiatives.



We welcome brilliant individuals with varying educational backgrounds, hunger to learn fast, and capability of stellar execution. Here’s what we value important:

[i] Our ideal intern candidate is doing their master’s program or is on the last leg of their bachelor studies

[ii] We value a proactive problem-solving mindset, a sense of ownership, and an entrepreneurial drive to get things done.

[iii] In our daily work, we appreciate an optimistic attitude with a mind for deep analysis.


When it comes to your life outside working hours, we ensure you can take time for what is important. You might even find a colleague sharing the same passion or get to teach us something new.

This internship is from January to May 2024 or August to December 2024. You can work full-time or part-time (minimum of 70%) with flexible working hours. Our Helsinki office is located at Bulevardi 44, next to Sinebrychoff Park.

What to expect from our interview process?

We look for people driven by innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset, ready to be part of uncertain and circuitous industry-wide transformations. We are welcoming interns with all backgrounds and pursue the following framework for all candidates:

1. Online application

Do not hide your true self in your application. We are here to get to know you. Send us your CV, study transcripts, and cover letter in English via this link by September 24th. If you are wondering what to write in your cover letter, we encourage you to tell us at least:

  • In your opinion, what main benefits industrial corporations get from utilising external innovation?
  • Why are you interested in external innovation (the corporate and startup spaces)? What would you like to learn during your internship at Foundry?
  • Describe a situation where you had to take the initiative on something – how did you get others on board? What did you do as the main driver of the initiative? How did you overcome possible obstacles?

2. Round of interviews

In this stage, you will have a chance to meet two of our team members in 30-minute interviews each. Like your application, the rest of the interview process will be in English.

In the first interview, we will present Combient Foundry to you and let you ask all the questions you might have. We will ask you questions regarding your previous work experience, expectations from the internship, and future aspirations.

In the second interview, let’s discuss open innovation and venture clientships. Together, we will conclude your best understanding of Foundry’s Venture Client – cycle, stages, and primary goals during each step. This stage includes a short case-type of discussion.

3. Homework

We will provide you with a 1-page description of Combient Foundry in text format. Based on the provided information, we will ask you to prepare a 3-slide presentation deck and a 3-minute-long pitch to be presented in the second round of the interview. More information will be provided at that stage, but this should take at most 3 hours.

4. Final Meeting

In the final round, you will have a chance to present your 3-minute pitch prepared as your “Homework” in 45-minute interview with another colleague of ours.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the recruiting responsible Emma Holmberg emma.holmberg[at] or Martyna Kosmala, martyna.kosmala[at]

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